About the App

KarlSpeech has been specifically designed for those with speech & communication difficulties. Influenced by Speech Pathologists & Speech Therapists worldwide, KarlSpeech is a multipurpose communication AAC tool that allows people communicate their needs using images and text using an iPod, iPhone or iPad. KarlSpeech has been designed for non verbals to help communication and ultimately improve quality of life.

App Features

Simply take images using your mobile device and associate the relevant text you want spoken for you. That’s it!

In addition you can use the built in library of 20,000 SymbolStix images. Of course, to get the best out of the KarlSpeech App, it is worth spending some time initially to organize your Groups (folders) and Favorite Items. This way you can build up a library of frequently used terms that will be available at a touch.

The KarlSpeech App has been specifically designed to be extremely easy to use. It is also easy to tailor the App contents to suit the user’s individual needs.

Key Features

Build your own library
Categorize single items and groups
Male & Female Gender Voices
KarlSpeech features SymbolStix Integration
Backup Facility using Dropbox or iTunes
Can be used without an internet connection
Our Story

Karl is non verbal and his parents used several Alternative & Augmentative Communication (AAC) apps but didn’t find a solution that suited Karl’s needs. While there are many excellent AAC Apps on the market, Karl wanted something that was very straightforward and he found that lots of App screens were too cluttered and confusing for him.

After trying many options, Karl’s parents decided to embark on trying to get an AAC App developed that would enable their son Karl to communicate more effectively thus the KarlSpeech App is the result of a lot of deliberation, testing, trialling and development. Karl now uses the App every day. The KarlSpeech App is also used by Karl’s parents as they organize Karl’s groups and library of phrases to make it easier for him.

The biggest challenge was to design a Speech App that would be suitable for a variety of users with different levels of intellectual and speech deficits. No AAC App is perfect for everyone’s needs but the KarlSpeech App has been designed for the majority.

As Karl is nonverbal, it’s not so much about “Speech” but “Communications Independence” – and the KarlSpeech App helps provide that independence.

The KarlSpeech App has been researched, tested and trialled with a large number of end users and professional participants. We received the views of more than 130 Communications Experts & Health Professionals worldwide – the collated input of which has become the absolute blueprint for the KarlSpeech AAC App.

    • Anne O Flaherty
      Special Education Teacher (Cork, Ireland)
      As a teacher working in the area of Special Education for over ten years, I have worked with a range of Disciplines. One of the greatest challenges for those with limited speech to being completely non-verbal is the struggle to communicate their needs.
    • Tim Brennan
      Father of 15-Year-Old Tadhg (Autism / Non-Verbal) (Cork, Ireland)
      Our 15-year-old non-verbal autistic son Tadhg was introduced to this app at home in early June 2018. Tads teacher Anne recommend the application as she felt Tadhg would really benefit from its use.
    • Suzanne Kelleher
      CORU Registered Speech & Language Therapist (Cork, Ireland)
      Just looking at the KarlSpeech App again today and I think it is simple and straightforward to use. I like the way you can group items and make your own vocab set by categories and personalise it for each person.
    • Gerard and Fiona Galvin
      Parents of Timmy Galvin, Age 9. (Cork, Ireland)
      The Karlspeech app has been a wonderful addition to Timmy's educational apps.

Anne O Flaherty

The Picture Exchange Communication System has long been a communication system of choice in my own classroom but with it, it brings it limitations and frustrations. I have researched a number of Communication Apps but none to date have catered for the varied range of abilities in my classroom.

Fortunately, I came upon the Karlspeech App and it really has been the ‘game changer in my classroom’! It is so simple to set up and once downloaded it does not require Internet access. It caters for the student who is at a print recognition level, a photographic level, a SymbolStix level and will help improve vocalisations if used consistently. The app reinforces the concept of categorisation as one can create individual folders to store categories thus reducing frustration for students.

One of the most attractive features of this app is it allows the student to take control of what they want to store in a particular folder, it gives back a sense of independence to the student. As too often, we as parents/teachers with the best of intentions decide what should be stored in a communication device. The Karlspeech App allows the student to take pictures of what is personal to them and what they want to communicate to us, of course for the younger student they will need support in building individual folders.

I am also using this app as apart of my Language/Communication daily lessons, where I have the app downloaded on my own phone and use it to engage in conversation with my students. We are working on the concept of lower/higher order questions.

In today’s world iPads/iPhones are the most popular and socially acceptable forms of communication. The Karlspeech App is a portable device that the student will always have instant access to.

I couldn’t recommend the Karlspeech App highly enough. It can be replicated across a range of devices, simply by synchronising it to your iTunes account.

Anne O Flaherty
Special Education Teacher
Holy Family School
Charleville, Co. Cork

Holy Family School caters for the educational needs of children aged 4-18 years, developing with a moderate, severe or profound intellectual disability.

Tim Brennan

It has always been clear from an early age that Tadhg is a visual learner but when trying to communicate his needs or preferences his level of frustration and annoyance increased. The reason being other communication methods used were not user friendly and none had the built-in camera option that allowed Tadhg to have his own voice in what his choices and preferences are daily.

  1. He can take a picture of what he wants, he is not depending on others to make decisions for him.
  2. It has for the first time in his life given him his own voice and he can indicate what he wants to do. It has introduced the freedom of choice to his life for the First-time.
  3. Examples – He indicates when he wants to go someplace, whom he wants to go with and the means of travel on foot or by car.
  4. It has increased his food options and what he wants to eat at a time, his desire to have shower, what clothes he wants to put on, what X Box 360 game he wants and whom he wants to play it with.

These are but a small number of qualitative improvements that have resulted from the use of the Karlspeech app in our family home.


Our ability to recognise clearly Tadhg’s preferences is a real positive it takes away the frustrating guesswork in trying to respond to him. It has enabled us to communicate where we are going, what is for dinner, bedtime, school day, shower time etc.

The ability within the Karlspeech app to place things in folders allows Tadhg to move directly to the area of need in his life he wants attention or help with. Our biggest concern is when he is feeling unwell to have an indication of what’s wrong. Example he looks for hot water jar on his tummy if its sore – Calpol if he has a pain in his head etc.

When he goes to respite it reduces our anxiety as we know he can now clearly indicate his needs to his carers who would not work with him every day.

The secret of getting the Karlspeech app to work with your child is you must respond to every need and choice immediately and Tadhg gets the message this is how I get want I need.

The app on the iPhone is very practical, as Tadhg takes it with him where ever he goes and can clearly indicate what he wants to do. This includes when he has had enough and wants to go home.

Tim Brennan – Tadhg’s Father

Suzanne Kelleher

I also like that you can type the message also. The symbols are clear, and the library is huge on it and that it’s not just single words, but also phrases that you can create. A lot of the time, the motor planning and creating a sentence is difficult and they never move past single words. I think it would be great for someone begin to use a communication device with basic symbols and for someone who can have a 2-way conversation or discussion.

Suzanne Kelleher
CORU Registered Speech & Language Therapist | Coru Reg. No. SL018307
St. Joseph’s Foundation|Baker’s Rd | Charleville|Co. Cork

Gerard and Fiona Galvin

We have enjoyed creating stories that are very personal to Timmy and he enjoys using the app for both listening and speaking. He has difficulties communicating verbally and we believe that using the KarlSpeech app can only enhance and expedite his speech.

Gerard and Fiona Galvin, Parents of Timmy Galvin, Age 9.


How much does the KarlSpeech App Cost?

The price of the KarlSpeech App varies in different App Store Territories. Our pricing is on Tier 66 on the Apple Store: US$ 149.99, CA$ 209.99, AU$ 229.99, GBP 149.99, EUR 169.99. (ONE-OFF PURCHASE)

There is a 28 Day Free Trial Available so you can decide if the KarlSpeech App is suitable for you. Once the 28 Days is over, you will be prompted with an option to purchase the App for a One Off Price.

KarlSpeech also offers a 50% discount when schools purchase 20 copies or more through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education.


What languages does KarlSpeech support?

KarlSpeech currently supports English with Apple vocabulary. KarlSpeech will keep evolving and develop language localization over the next consecutive releases starting with Spanish. Users can choose between male and female voices.


How can I reorder Groups?

KarlSpeech provides four types of ordering options to sort the groups.

  1. Alphabetically
    1. Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
    2. Tap on Settings button -> Sort Groups.
    3. Choose option “Alphabetically”
  2. Most Recently Used
    1. Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
    2. Tap on Settings button -> Sort Groups.
    3. Choose option “Most Recently Used”
  3. Most Frequently Used
    1. Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
    2. Tap on Settings button -> Sort Groups.
    3. Choose option “Most Used”
  4. ManualIn this Mode, User can swap Groups by dragging.Press and hold on a group until it pulses and then drag it onto the group with which you would like it to swap. The two buttons will now swap while keeping all the other groups in place.To set the Manual mode, Follow below steps:
      • Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
      • Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
      • Choose option “Manual”

How can I list my favorite vocabulary?

KarlSpeech allows users to favorite/unfavorite the phrase by clicking on the “Star” button. Favorite phrases will then get listed in the favorite tab on the main screen.


Can I create my own vocabulary set?

Yes. Besides the in-built list of vocabulary, KarlSpeech allows the user to create their own vocabulary set. However, the SymbolStix in-built vocabulary has been researched and keenly crafted for language development. Try using it!


Can I search the in-built vocabulary set?

Yes. KarlSpeech provides a search option which will bring the results from both the in-built vocabulary and user created vocabulary. Follow the following steps to get the search result:

  • Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
  • Tap on Search button.
  • Write the word and tap the Search button. Search results will be displayed in the list.

Does KarlSpeech provide an option to backup my vocabularies?

Yes. KarlSpeech allows the user to make a backup of the application by following the steps below:

  • Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
  • Tap on Settings button.
  • Choose option “Backup of Application” > Backup Now

This will make a backup of the application locally. The user can then choose to export the backup of this application to Dropbox or to your computer using iTunes File Sharing.


What devices does KarlSpeech run on?

KarlSpeech currently runs on all iPads and iPhones that support iOS 9, 10, 11 & 12. This includes iPhone5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro (9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch), iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 4.

Note that currently we only support iOS. We may release this for Android in near future, based on the need of users.


Do I need an internet connection?

Internet connection is not required to use the application. However, it is required to download and purchase the application from the App Store, and is required for backup transfers.


Can I contact or provide feedback and suggestions?

Yes. User can contact us or provide feedback and suggestions by sending us an email. Follow the steps below to reach us:

  • Tap Plus “+” icon on the main screen.
  • Tap on Settings button > Information.
  • Choose option “Email”

Do you have plans to develop more communications Apps?

Yes. We will be developing the App in native languages starting with Spanish and then introducing more major languages. We will also take on board user suggestions and feedback and update the App features as required.


Buttercrane Lane, Dundalk. Co. Louth. Ireland

+353 42 9334412
Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM GMT

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